Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Am I Back

I think I might be blogging again. I don't know yet, still making up my mind though I feel a bit more settled than i have done since my last post. I just looked and it was last year. I didn't realise.

Well, I'll see what happens next :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I Need A Man

Yesterday’s little accident has preoccupied me all day. At work it wasn’t so bad because I could keep myself busy. Not so busy that I forgot to go to the loo today. LOL

This afternoon I was tempted to wet myself again to see what it was like but it didn’t seem quite the same. The thought of doing it on purpose made me uncomfortable and I think part of the turn-on yesterday was the nervousness and worry about getting back to the flat that turned to excitement when I shut the door and let it go.

This afternoon I indulged my cravings with some lube and two fingers but I could seriously do with a man right now.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Wet Knickers

I was such an idiot today. I was at work, I’m temping at the moment, and when I looked at the clock I realised that it was almost noon. I only work mornings at the moment. The office is quiet, orders for office supplies are down according to the firm I temp for. The household finances are suffering quite badly.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the time! It’s only a temping job so career advancement is not an option as far as I know. Maybe if I get full time I suppose I would give a fuck but not at the moment. On top of that I miss my bus if I leave late and that is really annoying because then the rest of the day is lost ‘cos I miss my connection on the second bus. I just got into a rhythm with the data entry sheets and didn’t realise the time.

So I rushed out of the office and managed to stop the bus as the driver was about to pull off. I made my connection and it was only when I was sitting on the second bus that I realised I needed to pee. I was sat at the front, about two metres from the doors and every time they opened a cold draft chilled me.

The journey is about twenty minutes and at the last-but-one stop from home I lost control, just for a moment. I felt a spurt of pee escape. Just enough to make my gusset moist and warm. I clenched as hard as I could and stopped it becoming a full-blown accident.

I hobbled off the bus at my stop and walked as quickly as my bursting bladder would allow. I fumbled the key into the outer door of the flats and got to my front door on the first floor. As I slid the key into the lock and felt the bolt draw back I lost control. I stepped inside and slammed the door. I could feel hot pee running down the inside of my left leg like a river.

I looked down to see the growing puddle forming around my shoes on the laminate floor. I thought I ought to feel embarrasses or upset, but I felt soooo turned on. I peeled off my jeans and left them in the pool of pee. I lay on my back on the rug between the bedroom and bathroom and lifted my knees so I could slip my hand inside my soaked knickers and rub my pussy.

I was tingling, my pubes haven’t been trimmed for a while so they held quite a bit of moisture too. My hand was covered in it, the cotton of my knickers clinging to it, it felt so dirty. Really dirty. I came in under a minute and could smell my pussy juices mixed with hot pee.

And do you know what? I don’t feel it was the slightest bit wrong. And I feel I should.

And that’s why I wrote this on the blog. Yep It’s been a while again. I mean I can hardly tell my friends can I – “Oh yeah I really enjoyed pissing myself today.” It’s making me wet again just thinking about it and it has reminded me why I started writing here in the first place.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Blonde’s Are More Fun

On of the girls I worked with over the summer was what I can only describe as pink. If she hadn’t been obliged to wear the bar uniform of red T Shirt and jeans when at work she would have been a mound of pink fluffiness tottering around behind the bar all evening.

I started feeling myself imagining what it would be like to have her on my second night. I would never have asked her out she was too obviously straight, it would never occur to her to even wonder about the pleasures of another woman. That made me feel even dirtier and hornier thinking about getting her in to bed.

That night I went to sleep with this fantasy.

. . .

Blondie wasn’t called Jane but I’ll cal her Jane for this story. After work I walked her home to her bedsit, helping her avoid the drunken tourists trying to remember which hotel they were staying at.

She let us in to the flat and I opened the bottle of vodka I had brought from the bar. We sat down and listened to a satellite music channel while getting drunk.

“I need a pee.” Slurred Jane. When she stood up she found her legs had stopped working and only avoided falling onto the floor by collapsing onto the bed.

I helped her into the bathroom and stood her with her back to the toilet. I knelt in front of her trying to unfasten her tight jeans when she moaned gently. I though she was going to topple over but instead noticed a dark patch growing from her crotch. It grew quickly, all attempt at control on Jane’s part gone. I managed to undo her jeans and pulled them down but it was too late, the last few drips were all that landed in the loo when I sat her down.

I looked up at her face. She had gone bright red and the previously cloudy stare was sharper. Embarrassment had sobered her up.

She didn’t have to say anything. “Don’t worry about it.” I said, “I’ll clean you up. Don’t try to get up.”

I ran a bowl of water and soaped up a flannel. I threw her soaked jeans and knickers into the corner and manoeuvred her against the sink where she clung on for support. I felt a bit sisterly cleaning her up.

I asked her to turn around so I could wipe the back of her legs. When I reached the top of her legs and slid the wet cloth over her tight ass cheeks she did something unexpected. Jane thrust out her ass and bent forward opening her cheeks. Her arse and pussy were framed between the two halves of her round backside.

I drew the cloth across her pussy slowly and deliberately, then rinsed it out. Next I soaped it up again and washed her light brown puckered opening. Finally I rinsed it clean and with her still bent over the basin I patted her dry.

Jane didn’t stand up but said “That was nice.”

I knelt behind her and probed her lips with my tongue. “Ahh. That’s nicer.” With that encouragement I licked her outer lips for a while she was relaxed and maybe open to suggestion. I flicked my tongue quickly around her asshole. The ring twitched and tightened in surprise but as I continued to lick her bottom she relaxed and moaned.

I stopped for a moment and Jane stood up and turned around. We walked out of the bathroom and lay on the bed. She kissed me gently for a while and I rubbed her clit gently. She ground her shaven pussy into my hand obviously wanting more. I pushed a finger inside her, then two and fucked her with them until she came.

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Muscles From Bradford

The Muscles From Bradford

Muscle man rolled into the bar with his girlfriend on the first night I was behind the bar. He wasn’t what I think of as my type, looked like he took too much care of himself. His girlfriend was platinum blonde and thought she was lady GaGa. She looked utterly ridiculous.

He stationed her at one of the tables at the most prominent part of the upper level of the club. All front I thought to myself. When he came to the bar I groaned when I realised I was going to have to serve him, I had hoped the other girls or Chris the bar manager would be doing it. It’s not that I had taken a total dislike to him, just that I’d seen his type before and they make me think “Whatever!”.

That changed when he ordered and while doing so gave me a long, lecherous look up and down. Normally that would have been unwelcome but for some reason it excited me.

So that’s how I started fantasising about muscle man. I decided to call him Mark and what follows is what I frigged myself off to in bed that evening.

. . .

Mark came back to the bar for another round of drinks. He asked for a bottle of Sol but we where out and I explained I’d have to go down to the cellar to get a crate. Chris was nowhere to be seen and Mark offered to help. It was obvious why, he was looking at me in that way that had made my pussy tingle earlier.

He followed me down the stairs and into the cellar. I turned to face him, wanting him to kiss me, He didn’t. His hands grabbed my boobs through my T Shirt. My tits aren’t huge, B cup, and I thought that Mark would have ignored them after the bigger pair on his girlfriend.

I closed my eyes, wondering what he’s do next. I felt his fingers unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. Fuck he wasn’t messing about!.

I wiggled my hips to help him push the jeans down and felt his big, strong hand slip inside my panties. I was soaking wet and had a full bush of pubic hair as I wasn’t expecting to pull on my first night. His fingers pushed through my curly forest and into my pussy. He didn’t bother to rub my clit, he ploughed straight in with two fingers and hooked them round inside me.

Cheeky bastard I thought! And aren’t I a lucky girl.

I grabbed his cock through his trousers. It wasn’t huge, even though it was hard but it was nice to feel it and know it would be dribbling precum down his leg.

He found my G Spot straight away. His fingers rubbed me immediately making me weak at the knees. In thirty seconds I felt myself cumming and my crotch becoming wet. I came and drenched his hand and my panties that were only half way down my thighs.

Mark kept going squeezing and massaging until I could hardly speak and lost count of how many times I came. Perhaps it was just one big orgasm.

We left the cellar. Me wearing a big smile and Mark with my panties in his pocket.

My Holiday

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit ‘cos I got out of the habit and I’ve been away from home over the summer because I’ve been working at a bar on the coast. If you came in you’d have recognised me. I was the one never getting any sex and feeling pretty shit about it all summer.

I know boyfriends come and go but they are too quick to go at the moment so I decided to just have fun and not try for a relationship this summer. Plus drunken fumblings with total strangers seem less and less appealing now.

Because of the lack of sex I started fantasising, especially after a couple of nights of watching two of the other girls land some of the out of town talent. The “fresh meat” as they call it was interesting but usually not able to speak without dribbling by the end of the night. Add to that the girls’ recounting how they had to work hard to get an erection out of their conquests and it put me off the idea of pulling.

So I spent a lot of time in my pokey little room with my new laptop and vibrator and wrote up some of my fantasies for you.

I’m re-reading them to make sure they make sense and will publish them here when I have corrected them.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Well Out Of It

Like I said yesterday Evan and I were an item for a while. It was great for a couple of weeks. Regular sex, regular great sex. Going out, shopping, we even talked about going to Greece this summer for a holiday. It was almost like being married. LOL

I think that’s what scared him off in the end. He pretty much moved in and I got used to waking up with him in the morning. Until one morning he wasn’t there. He’d left early for work. I rang him and he said he’d told me he had to be in early for a meeting. He probably had, but I’d forgotten. He took it as me being clingy and before long things got uncomfortable and he moved out for nearly a week. Then he moved back in, and that nearly fixed it because the sex we had that night was the best we had.

He’d come round to talk things over and it was obvious that neither of us wanted to do much talking. Dinner was left half eaten and while I was in the kitchen getting us another bottle of wine I felt his hands slip around me and cup my boobs. I felt myself get wet while his hands massaged them and he kissed my neck.

I lifted my short dress up so I could feel the bulge in his crotch press against my bare ass cheeks. If the worksurfaces in my pokey little kitchen were wider I’d have demanded he fuck me there and then. Instead I dragged him to the bedroom where I threw off my clothes like a complete whore.

I orgasmed almost as soon as he pushed himself into me, I was sooooo ready for him. His cock had a really pronounced head and he enjoyed popping it in and out of me. I was wet, squelchy wet, the crack of my arse was running with my juices and I just lay back being fucked harder and harder. I occasionally opened my eyes to see his face but mainly kept them shut and enjoyed his cock filling me and feeling him slam against my buttocks.

I wrapped my legs around his back when he came and pulled him to me with my arms, clinging on. I didn’t want to let him go and squoze his cock with my pussy.

I was so wet and full of his cum that after laying in his arms for a while I decide that it would be best if I had a quick shower. I left him lounging in bed and cleaned off my pussy and wet ass crack with the shower head. When I had almost finished I looked up and saw him standing watching me from the end of the bath, stroking his cock. He was obviously up for some more fun.

I switch off the shower and stepped out, still dripping wet. We kissed, his hard cock now pressing against my tummy. I grabbed it and feeling its thick veined length I had an idea. “Turn around” I said. He raised an eyebrow, but complied. I reached in to the bathroom cupboard and pulled out a tiny jar of Vaseline that I’ve had in there for ages. I’d almost forgotten about it.

“OK” I said, “Turn around again.”

When he did turn around I dropped to my knees. “I thought you had a surprise for me”. I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck it. I could taste him and me, gorgeous.

Then I gave him his real surprise. I slipped the ring finger of my left hand into his ass. I used that one because I’d broken the nail a few days before when I was cleaning the flat and with the Vaseline smeared on it I was able to work it easily inside him. Evan yelped in surprise. He quickly recovered and pushed his cock into my mouth, grabbing my head with both hands. I slid my finger in and out of his ass and slurped on his cock for all I was worth.

When he came, almost choking me in his excitement I felt his ass clench my finger like a vice. I let him take me to bed after that and lick my throbbing clit to orgasm before we dozed off together.

A few days later things started to go wrong again. Looking back it wasn’t anything in particular. He had moved in too quickly, even though he still had his own place, we let the enthusiasm we had for each other get hold of us. Bad idea, very bad idea.

So now there’s one toothbrush in the bathroom.

I’m a free agent.